As a digital nomad I try to combine working remotely with visiting new places, but I normally stay in one place for at least a month. But if you’ve followed me over the past few months, you probably know that this summer I decided to work a bit less and travel more and as part of this I spent an entire month traveling around Romania.

During this month I recorded my activities and every single expense to find out how traveling more impacts my finances and productivity. I already shared two videos about my stays in Timișoara and Brașov where I both spent a full week. In the video below you can see my cost of living and refelctions on my productivity during the final destination, Cluj-Napoca, where I also spent an entire week.

I did make some more, shorter stops along the way so I will make another video with the highlights and conclusions of my entire month-long trip through Romania. So make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel The Money Passport and click the notification button, so you don’t have to miss any of my future videos.