Spring is here!

In an attempt to escape the colder winter weather in the Netherlands I spent over a month in Portugal and since mid February I’m in Saranda, Albania. Spring has been colder than usual, but this was the case throughout Europe so Saranda was still a good place to be, especially considering there are around 300 sunny days a year here.

Since I’m later than usual with my monthly portfolio update, I will keep my review for March very short by sticking mostly to the numbers of my portfolio and passive income for the month.

Peer-To-Peer Lending


In March I received €99,54 on Mintos and, like last month, I also withdrew €1000, to be reallocated elsewhere.

Screenshot Mintos dashboard March 2022

I still have my autoinvest on Mintos turned off because I’m planning to withdraw more of my funds. To be clear, I have no plans to leave Mintos, but with the continuously changing P2P market I want to rebalance my portfolio by reducing the my stake in Mintos and increasing my investments on other platforms.


On EstateGuru I received €90,86 in interest in March.

Screenshot EstateGuru dashboard March 2022

Since January I’m using the autoinvest option on EstateGuru and so far this has been working well and the time I spend on managing my investments on this platform has significantly reduced because I no longer have to login every day to check for potential new loans to invest in.

Bondora Go&Grow

From Bondora Go&Grow I received €32,74 in March.

Screenshot Bondora dashboard March 2022

Bondora recently introduced Go & Grow Unlimited, which works exactly the same as the existing Go & Grow strategy, but without any cap on the monthly deposits you can make. Sounds great, but the caveat is that you only receive a 2% return versus 6,75% with the normal Go & Grow option. Since I’m not planning to add more funds to Bondora this offer is of no use to me, but even if I would deposit more funds, I would rather spread it out for a higher yield than to accept a rediculously low return of only 2%.


On PeerBerry I received €23,12 in interest in March and I also deposited €500 that I withdrew from Mintos and another €500 was still on its way at the end of March, so this will be visible in the next update for April.

Screenshot Peerberry dashboard March 2022

I hesitated for a while about depositing more funds to PeerBerry because of the impact of the war In Ukraine. Although there is some impact on my loans in Ukraine and there will be delays (I don’t have any Russian loans on PeerBerry) I’m very impressed with how PeerBerry has been handling the situation so far. They have been very proactive and openly communicating about the situation and the steps they are taking, which gives me a lot of confidence that PeerBerry and their business partners Aventus Group and GoFingo will survive this. My bigger concern is actually cash drag with the lack of loans from Russia and Ukraine and I’m still not investing in Moldova and Kazakhstan either, so the remaining number of countries and loan originators is now limited. But if all continues to go well, I’m planning to deposit more funds to PeerBerry, although probably not as fast as I originally planned.

IUVO Group

On IUVO Group I earned €32,73 in interest in March.

Screenshot IUVO Group dashboard March 2022


In March I received €16,27 in interest on Viainvest.

Screenshot Viainvest dashboard March 2022


On RoboCash I made €11,79 in March.

Screenshot Robocash dashboard March 2022

Overview Of My P2P Lending Portfolio

In total I received €307,05 in interest from my P2P investments. The total portfolio value is €500 lower, because this is amount was pending between platforms as part of my rebalancing plan.


Plaform Value Income
Mintos €16.570,32 €99,54
EstateGuru €11.890,90 €90,86
Bondora Go&Grow €5.734,61 €32,74
PeerBerry €4.514,37 €23,12
IUVO Group €3860,58 €32,73
Viainvest €1.784,72 €16,27
Robocash €1.533,06 €11,79
€45.888,56 €307,05


P2P Portfolio March 2022

P2P bonus offers

Do you want to invest in the P2P platforms that I discussed above? Make sure to check which platforms currently offer a bonus for new signups. You’re not only doing yourself a favor but by using my links you are also supporting my blog so I can continue to create more valuable content.

Stocks & ETFs

After a seasonal dip my dividend income grew to €363,30 in March. The dividends came from the following stocks and ETFs:

Fund Dividend
Equinor €18,49
Pfizer €6,96
Johnson & Johnson €8,11
Kellogg €15,59
Realty Income €13,56
Molson Coors €11,69
Unilever €27,74
Shell €8,72
Kraft Heinz €23,15
IBM €20,89
Barrick Gold €23,20
Vale €65,95
VanEck Global Real Estate (ETF) €50,24
SPDR S&P Euro Dividend Aristocrats (ETF) €11,36
SPDR S&P US Dividend Aristocrats €48,58


Compared to March 2021 (€195,34) this is a big year-on-year jump.

How I buy my stocks

For most of the stocks in my buy and hold strategy, I use DeGiro as a broker. DeGiro has among the lowest fees and is very user friendly. If you want to start trading via DeGiro you can use this link to sign up so you and I both get €20 off our trading fees.

Crypto Lending

In March I received a total of €54,14 in interest on lending out some of my Bitcoin holdings on three platforms: Celsius, YouHodler and BlockFi.

Bitcoin Euro-value
Celsius 0,000485 €20,01
YouHodler 0,000555 €22,89
BlockFi 0,00027244 €11,24

Crypto bonus offers

Celsius and BlockFi currently offer a cashback bonus for new signups using my link. Celsius offers a $50 bonus if you deposit $400 or more in crypto and BlockFi offers a $10 bonus for a deposit of only $100 in crypto.

My Total Passive Income in March

The total passive income from my investments added up to €725,72 in March.

Month-to-month income graph March 2022

This is a large increase from March last year (€472,62), so the 12-months trailing average keeps rising, and is now at €669,19. This means that I’m at 45% of my goal of €1500 in monthly passive income.

Income Trailing 12 Months Average March 2022


Goal: €1500

Final words

I know it’s almost May and my March update is a bit late, so I’ll make sure my April update will be ready a lot sooner. I’ll stay here in Albania for another few weeks but I’ve also decided to travel a bit more during the summer months. So stay tuned for more updates about my life as a digital nomad as well.

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