I’m back in Albania

After a summer full of traveling I’m back in Albania with lots of inspiration to create more content, which is coming up soon. So I’ll keep this update as short as I can with the usual monthly passive income breakdown, the changes in my investment portfolio, and a few news updates from the P2P market.

Peer-To-Peer Lending


In August my income from Mintos was €51,90 which is another drop from last month. I honestly get a bit frustrated with the fact that the amounts in recovery and pending payments keep going up rather than down, despite the fact that I haven’t invested in any new loans for months now. But at the moment there’s nothing more I can do than just wait for updates about each case. In the meantime I’m still reducing my investments on the platform and in August I withdrew €500 again.

Screenshot Mintos dashboard August 2022

However, a positive update from Mintos was that they have managed to set up a bank account in rubles to facilitate payments from Russian loan originators again. The payments are limited to 10 million rubles per month so this will be a slow process, but the first payment has been made so there is at least some progression. In the meantime, Mintos continues to work on alternative payment routes that will hopefully speed up the repayment process.


My return on EstateGuru went back up again and in August I received €119,80 in interest.

Screenshot EstateGuru dashboard August 2022


The interest from PeerBerry was €50,57 in August.

Screenshot PeerBerry dashboard August 2022

PeerBerry is also welcoming a new loan originator from Vietnam. DongPlus is part of the Aventus Group so the group guarantee applies here as well. This addition creates a wider country diversification, which was limited since I stopped investing in new loans in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Kazakhstan earlier this year.

Bondora Go & Grow

The interest from my Bondora Go&Grow account was €31,55.

Screenshot Bondora Go&Grow dashboard August 2022

Bondora has announced an important change for new clients, which is that they won’t be able to avail of the fixed interest rate of 6,75% for Bondora’s Go & Grow product. You can still sign up and join the Bondora Go & Grow program, but only at an interest rate of 4%.

Bondora states being responsible and sustainable during growth as the reason behind this as they will “prioritize new loan markets, new financial products, and new target audiences” in the coming months. This honestly sounds a big vague to me but we all know that interest rates change all the time in the P2P market and that any platforms has to keep a healthy balance between loan and investor demand.

Bondora states that the change for new clients is temporary and that this won’t affect any existing Go & Grow investors, who can still continue to deposit new funds up to the limit of €400 per month at the same 6,75% interest rate.

I understand why they do this instead of lowering the interest rate for everyone because that could make existing investors decide to leave. If too many funds are then withdrawn that could lead to liquidity problems, so I think they made a wise decision.

Are you a new investor who is considering a product like Bondora Go & Grow with fast liquidity and without the complexity of investing in individual loans, but a 4% interest rate doesn’t appeal to you? Then you could consider IuvoSAVE, offered by IUVO Group, with an interest rate of up to 7% for a 12-month fixed term deposit.

IUVO Group

Speaking about IUVO Group I received €28,90 there in August.

Screenshot IUVO Group dashboard August 2022


At Viainvest I saw a big jump in returns and according to this new statement my account grew by €36,34 in August.

Screenshot Viainvest dashboard August 2022

This new statement layout follows the introduction of the new investment instrument called, notes, which are replacing the traditional loan claims as part of the regulation of the Latvian P2P market. I also noticed that Viainvest has now also introduced a Pending Payments section, similar to other platforms like Mintos.


On RoboCash I received €15,01 in interest during August.

Screenshot RoboCash dashboard August 2022

The parent company RoboCash Group announced the appointment of a new CEO, Natalya Ischenko, to replace Sergey Sedov, who will remain as the Chairman of the Board. Ischenko has over 20 years of experience in the financial industry, which I believe is important, and her mission will be to help the Robocash Group improve its business model and introduce a range of new financial products. So this new structure should facilitate scaling the company to the next level.

At the same time, they announced the replacement of the current CFO by the promotion of Ivan Adamovich who already worked in the company as the deputy CFO.


Bondster is one of the latest additions to my porfolio and August was the first month to see a more mature return of €11,13.

Screenshot Bondster dashboard August 2022


As I already announced in my last update, I’ve added LANDE to my portfolio as well. Previously known as Lendsecured, LANDE offers agricultural loans which is a great addition to my portfolio for a wider diversification in loan types. The minimum investment amount per loan is €50, the investments on the platform typically have a low loan-to-value (LTV) and are usually backed by a mortgage, a 3-way agreement with a grain buyer, or a personal guarantee or pledge.

After testing the deposit and withdrawal process with small amounts, I deposited €500 to the platform. So far I’ve invested in 8 projects which I all selected manually. There is an autoinvest option, but unfortunately you need to invest a minimal €250 per loan for all the filters to be available. I hope they will remove this requirement soon, like EstateGuru did earlier this year.

I haven’t received any interest yet, but since I signed up with a referral link I already received €3,50 in welcome bonuses. So if you want to join LANDE as well, make sure to sign up with this link so you will also receive a 1% cashback bonus on your investments during the first 90 days.

Screenshot LANDE dashboard August 2022

Overview Of My P2P Lending Portfolio

The total income from my entire P2P portfolio when back up again to €348,70 in August.


Plaform Value Income
Mintos €12.461,99 €51,90
EstateGuru €12.340,01 €119,80
PeerBerry €7.252,55 €50,57
Bondora Go&Grow €5.892,74 €31,55
IUVO Group €4.011,72 €28,90
Viainvest €1.888,72 €36,34
RoboCash €1.606,69 €15,01
Bondster €1014,02 €11,13
LANDE €503,50 €3,50
€46.971,94 €348,70


P2P Portfolio August 2022

P2P bonus offers

Do you want to invest in the P2P platforms that I discussed above? Make sure to check which platforms currently offer a bonus for new signups. You’re not only doing yourself a favor but by using my links you are also supporting my blog so I can continue to create more valuable content.

Stocks & ETFs

Throughout August I received a total of €506,05 in dividend payments from the following stocks and ETFs:

Fund Dividend
AT&T €16,06
General Mills €9,01
Heineken €6,37
Colgate-Palmolive €5,87
Procter & Gamble €7,61
Hasbro €8,75
Realty Income €18,58
Flow Traders €50,57
Equinor €47,10
Sandstorm Gold €18,07
SPDR S&P Global Dividend Aristocrats (ETF) €318,06


How I buy my stocks

For most of the stocks in my buy and hold strategy, I use DeGiro as a broker. DeGiro has among the lowest fees and is very user friendly. If you want to start trading via DeGiro you can use this link to sign up and avail of a temporary offer: €100 towards any transaction costs during the first months.

Crypto Lending

Although I still regularly buy small quantities of crypto, I haven’t made any changes to my crypto lending portfolio. In August I received a total of €11,96 worth of bitcoin from YouHodler and BlockFi.

Bitcoin Euro-value
YouHodler 0,000360 €7,18
BlockFi 0,00023932 €4,77
Celsius 0,000000 €0,00

Crypto bonus offers

If you are interested in crypto lending I first recommend that you educate yourself so have a good understanding of the risks. If you then want to join any of the platforms that I’m using, make sure to check out the bonus offers via the link below.

My Total Passive Income in August

In August my total passive income rose to €866,71.

Month-to-month income graph August 2022

The 12-months trailing average also keeps rising and reached €793,77 in August, which means that I’m now at 53% of my goal of €1500 in monthly passive income.

Income Trailing 12 Months Average August 2022


Goal: €1500

Final words

From now on I will be sharing new content on a weekly basis, both here on my blog and on my Youtube channel, so make sure to follow me. All content will be related to living, earning, and investing without borders, and topics will range from travel and nomad life to investing, entrepreneurship, and reviews, and I will continue to share my passive income in the monthly portfolio updates.

Feel free to comment down below if you have any suggestions for topics you want me to cover. See you next week!

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