I’ve been homeless for a year

It’s been just over a year now since I took my first steps to become a digital nomad. After living and working corporate jobs for over 10 years I decided to leave my apartment in Dublin, Ireland at the end of April last year. While still working and finishing up my last months as an employee I went home to the Netherlands to prepare for my new life as a digital nomad entrepreneur. One year and 4 countries later, I’ve not regretted this decision for a single moment as I’ve been really happy living and working from the Netherlands, Albania, Greece and Portugal over the last 12 months.

My upcoming plans

I’m still in Albania as I’m working on a project here, but since I’m only allowed to stay for 90 days I’ll have to leave soon and stay out of the country for 90 days before I can come back again. Because I’ve been working so much for the past year and travel restrictions are finally vanishing in Europe, I decided to take the opportunity to work a bit less and travel a bit more throughout the summer. So before coming back to Albania I’ll spend some time in the Netherlands, Romania, Malta, Finland and Serbia.

The discount hack of being a nomad

Off course traveling and staying in many different places is going to be more expensive than staying put in one place. I won’t be able to negotiate lower rents or get monthly discounts on Airbnb, but when planning out my trips I realized one important thing: nomads always get a discount on their holidays! First of all you never pay twice for the same night, because you don’t pay any monthly rent. I used to pay around €1200 a month in rent in Dublin, which is about €40 per night, while in many countries you can get a hotel room for less than that. Second of all, when you’re the boss of your own time, you are more flexible to book cheaper flights, by avoiding peak times and days, like weekends or public holidays.

That’s enough about traveling and cost saving for now, as this could easily be a topic for a separate post. Let’s move to my investment portfolio and monthly income.

Peer-To-Peer Lending


In April I received €114,45 in interest on Mintos, but I’m also still reducing my stake in this platform so I withdrew €1000.

Screenshot Mintos dashboard April 2022


On EstateGuru I received €82,38 in interest in April.

Screenshot EstateGuru dashboard April 2022


On PeerBerry I received €38,73 in interest in April. At the beginning of the month there was still €500 on it’s way that I withdrew from Mintos earlier and I also transferred the €1000 I withdrew from Mintos this month to PeerBerry, so in total I invested another €1500 on this platform.

Screenshot Peerberry dashboard April 2022

Bondora Go&Grow

On Bondora I earned €29,84 in interest from Bondora Go&Grow in April.

Screenshot Bondora dashboard April 2022

IUVO Group

On IUVO Group I earned €30,74 in interest in April.

Screenshot IUVO Group dashboard April 2022


In April I received €16,64 in interest on Viainvest.

Screenshot Viainvest dashboard April 2022


On RoboCash I made €15,65 in April.

Screenshot Robocash dashboard April 2022

Overview Of My P2P Lending Portfolio

So in total I received €328,43 in interest from my portfolio in P2P lending.


Plaform Value Income
Mintos €15.684,77 €114,45
EstateGuru €11.973,28 €82,38
PeerBerry €6.053,10 €38,73
Bondora Go&Grow €5.764,45 €29,84
IUVO Group €3891,32 €30,74
Viainvest €1.801,36 €16,64
Robocash €1.548,71 €15,65
€46.716,99 €328,43


P2P Portfolio April 2022

I’m currently also in the process of adding Bondster to my portfolio. Bondster is a P2P marketplace with a variety of lending companies accross different continents. They are located in the Czech Republic, so this will also add some geographic diversification as most other P2P platforms are located in the Baltic countries.

As usual I will start my initial testing phase with a small amount and test the withdrawal process, before making any further deposits. In my next update I will share how the first steps went.

P2P bonus offers

Do you want to invest in the P2P platforms that I discussed above? Make sure to check which platforms currently offer a bonus for new signups. You’re not only doing yourself a favor but by using my links you are also supporting my blog so I can continue to create more valuable content.

Stocks & ETFs

In April I received a total of €713,03 in dividend payments from the following stocks and ETFs:

Fund Dividend
PepsiCo €7,43
Coca-Cola €8,50
GlaxoSmithKline €27,32
Henkel €20,21
AT&T* €342,42
Realty Income €13,53
Rio Tinto €110,46
iShares Emerging Markets Dividend UCITS (ETF) €147,30
Vanguard FTSE All-World UCITS (ETF) €8,85
iShares UK Dividend UCITS (ETF) €13,41
Deka DAXplus Maximum Dividend UCITS (ETF) €13,60


* AT&T payed a stock dividend as part of the spin-off of WarnerMedia in which AT&T shareholders received 0.24 share in Discovery Inc (DISCA) for every share held in AT&T. I had no interest in keeping these shares so I immediately sold them for a total of €342,42. Although this is an off-cycle one-off payment and the stock price of AT&T has declined dramatically, I treat it as a dividend payment because I still keep the same amount of shares in AT&T. The same situation occured twice last year with Realty Income and IBM so I’ve consistently applied the same logic before.

How I buy my stocks

For most of the stocks in my buy and hold strategy, I use DeGiro as a broker. DeGiro has among the lowest fees and is very user friendly. If you want to start trading via DeGiro you can use this link to sign up so you and I both get €20 off our trading fees.

Crypto Lending

In April I received a total of €43,82 in interest on lending out some of my Bitcoin holdings on three platforms: Celsius, YouHodler and BlockFi.

Bitcoin Euro-value
Celsius 0,000461 €16,73
YouHodler 0,000444 €16,11
BlockFi 0,00030256 €10,98

Crypto bonus offers

Celsius and BlockFi currently offer a cashback bonus for new signups using my link. Celsius offers a $50 bonus if you deposit $400 or more in crypto and BlockFi offers a $10 bonus for a deposit of only $100 in crypto.

My Total Passive Income in April

The total passive income from all my investments jumped to near-record hights of €1.085,28 in April.

Month-to-month income graph April 2022

The 12-months trailing average also made a big jump and now stands at €723,19. This means that I’m now at 48% of my goal of €1500 in monthly passive income.

Income Trailing 12 Months Average April 2022


Goal: €1500

Final words

As I already mentioned in the introduction of this post, I’ll be traveling a bit more over the next few months. My plan is also to use this opportunity for more inspiration for content related to travel and the nomadic lifestyle, so stay tuned for this. I will also be sharing more regular updates and behind the scenes on my instagram channel, so make sure you follow me there as well: @themoneypassport

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